Lyon Spring School 2024

7th Spring School on Data-Driven Model Learning of Dynamic Systems

Invited Lectures on Dynamic Network Identification


  • Prof. Paul Van den Hof, TU/e, Eindhoven

Date of the course:  11 – 12 April 2024.

The program of the 4-day School is available here.


MATLAB App and Toolbox

All methods presented in this course have been implemented  in the MATLAB App and Toolbox SYSDYNET with graphical and interactive user interface. It can be downloaded from Please check to work with release Beta 0.3.0 (April 2024), available from April 5, 2024 onwards.

Paul Van den Hof

Background material

Closed-loop identification:

Dynamic networks:

Network identifiability analysis:

  • H.H.M. Weerts, P.M.J. Van den Hof and A.G. Dankers (2018). Identifiability of linear dynamic networks. Automatica, Vol. 89, pp. 247-258, March 2018.
  • J. M. Hendrickx, M. Gevers and A.S. Bazanella (2019). Identifiability of dynamical networks with partial node measurements. IEEE Trans. Automatic Control, Vol. 64, no. 6, pp. 2240-2253.

Network identifiability synthesis:

Algorithms for full network identification:

Single module identification:


Single module identifiability:

Relation with diffusively coupled physical networks: