Current courses that I teach at TUe:

  • 5SMB0: System Identification (Q3, 2012- ); MSc Systems and Control, MSc Electrical Engineering, MSc Mechanical Engineering, MSC Automotive Technology.

Current courses that I teach for DISC:

  • System Identification, DISC, Spring 2018, with co-lecturers Johan Schoukens (VUB), Xavier Bombois (CNRS) and Giulio Bottegal (TU/e).
  • System Identification, DISC, Fall 2020, with co-lecturers Johan Schoukens (VUB) and Giulio Bottegal (ASML).

Courses that I have taught in the past at TUD and TUE:

  •  Stochastic Signal Analysis (sc3011tn); BSc-3rd year Applied Physics
  •  Signal Analysis (wb3210); BSc-3rd year Mechanical Engineering
    Best Teacher Award of 3rd Year BSc ME programme in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011.
  •  System Identification (sc4110); MSc Systems and Control
  •  Control Theory (sc4025); MSc Systems and Control
  •  Process Dynamics and Control (sc4190ch); MSc Chemical Engineering
  • 5ESB0: Systems (Q4, 2013- 2015 ); BSc Electrical Engineering and BSc Automotive Systems, 1st year.
  • 5ESD0: Control Systems (Q1, 2014-2019 ); BSc Electrical Engineering and BSc Automotive Systems; 3rd year

PhD Course:

Lecture in 1st year BSc "Systems" Course