Completed projects

Interests & developments

My research interests cover the wide area of identification and model-based control of dynamical systems, with applications in industrial processes, oil reservoir engineering systems, mechanical servo systems and physical measurement systems.

The development of models that are accurate and manageable to be used as a basis of model-based operations (control, monitoring, surveillance, detection, optimization, measurement) generally requires the combination of physical insights and dedicated measurement data. The models represent all aggregated knowledge that is available on the processes to be optimized/controlled, and allow the control/optimization of processes under uncertain conditions, and while adapting to changing environments and requirements.

Model-based X (control, monitoring, measurement, surveillance, detection, optimization, measurement) is the leading paradigm for high-performance operation of complex interacting engineering systems.

Domains of technology in which I am involved in include

  • Oil and gas reservoir engineering systems
  • Industrial process and production systems
  • Manufacturing processes
  • High tech mechatronic and nanopositioning systems

Typical areas of expertise are

  • System identification of linear and nonlinear systems
  • Identification of closed-loop systems
  • Uncertainty quantification and experiment design
  • Identification and estimation in large scale physical models
  • Identification of control-relevant models and data-drivenĀ  controller tuning